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Production workshop

Domestic sales office

剪脚机 Radial Lead Cutter

插件生产线  DIP production line

全自动波峰焊 Automatic Wave Soldering

回流焊 Reflow Soldering

高速贴片机 Hight speed SMT machine

高速插件机 Hight speed Plugins machine

全自动灌胶机  Auto-filling giue machine

LED 模组老化 LED Module Aging

箱体组装  Cabinet assembling

调试 Adjust

老化 Aging

Aluminum cabinet(the reverse side)

Diecasting aluminum cabinet(the reverse side)

简易箱体Sample cabinet(the reverse side)

Stander  steel cabinet(the reverse side)

航空箱包装 Flight case packing

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