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How to do the LED display moisture and heat dissipation?

During the year, the challenge of outdoor LED screens is the biggest. The wet and high temperature weather makes the LED screens moisture-proof and heat-dissipating. How to do moisture-proof work in rainy weather and maintain good heat dissipation in high temperature environment has become a thorny problem for outdoor led displays.

Moisture and heat dissipation, a pair of natural contradictions

The internal components of the led display are MSD components (humidity sensitive devices). Once moisture enters, it may cause oxidation and corrosion of the lamp, PCB board, power supply, power line and other zero devices, resulting in dead light failure. Therefore, the LED screen module, internal structure and external chassis need to be fully waterproof and waterproof.

At the same time, the internal components of the full-color LED screen are also the most heated electronic components, such as LED lamp beads, driver ICs, switching power supplies, and so on. Poor heat dissipation design can oxidize the screen material, affecting quality and life. If the heat is concentrated and cannot be dissipated, the internal components of the LED will be overheated and damaged, causing malfunction. Therefore, good heat dissipation requires a transparent, convective structure, which contradicts the requirements of moisture protection.

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