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What are the tips for repairing outdoor LED displays?

What are the maintenance tips for outdoor led displays? We also know that during the use of outdoor led display, from time to time, we will encounter many situations such as wind, rain, sun and rain, so it is inevitable that some faults will occur. Once the display fails to work properly, it will greatly affect customers. The efficiency of use, LED display repair becomes critical at this time, because good repair technology can solve this problem well. So what are the skills in maintenance?

1. Interface problem: If the computer control display information cannot be displayed, please check the cable.
     2, the power supply problem: If the LED display uses a low-voltage high-current power supply, then the difference between the power supply is not large.
    3, the drive problem: If each row or column is not displayed, then the driver chip problem corresponding to the accident, then you can replace it.
   4, display problems: long-term use of LED display may damage aging, repair and replacement can be.

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