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Opportunities in the LED display industry are also accompanied by challenges

Compared with 4G, the 5G network has a faster transmission speed, but it is still in the exploratory stage. If it has the same radiation range, higher stability and wider coverage as the 4G network, it is necessary to pay more. High cost. Faced with high cost, this is undoubtedly a huge problem for many led display companies. If you want to get a slice of the future in this emerging market, you need to have enough capital and enough technology to precipitate. . For customers who display terminals, the perception of 5G is not obvious. The progress of users changing to 5G is obviously not very fast. How to let customers accept and use 5G is also a big problem for led display manufacturers. It is also necessary to educate the consumer customers and adapt the customers to the new display of the habit. This series of questions has to be actively explored and solved by LED display companies.

In addition, in the 5G era of the Internet of Everything, the faster the dissemination of public information, the more interconnected the more important the review of public information. Like LED display, it has become one of the important means of public information dissemination. Countless LED displays are placed in the city center, pedestrian streets and squares. The importance of information security is self-evident. If someone posts inappropriate speech, pornographic violence or even anti-party anti-government speech or plays related videos through the Internet, the consequences are unimaginable. LED displays are becoming more and more intelligent, and their reliance on the network is getting bigger and bigger. Many of the content displayed and displayed can be remotely controlled as long as there is a network, and network information security issues will also be highlighted. LED display as an important terminal information carrier, its network information security can not be lost. At the same time, it also calls for more display application companies, control system-related enterprises, and even operators to pay attention to this link, paying attention to the network security of LED display screens. Only by paying attention to this aspect, we have developed a control system with more network security mechanisms. Make the LED display safer.

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