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LED display is very useful in scene application

With the continuous development of led displays, the R&D, production and sales models of products have changed a lot since the past. The sales of individual products have gradually shifted to integrated solutions. With the development of major market segments, the impact of scene applications on led display products has become increasingly prominent.

First, the definition of the scene application: According to Baidu Encyclopedia's explanation: the scene application, the English name "LiveApp," from the literal meaning we can see, Live refers to live, vivid, live, and vital, we can understand it For instant connection with life scenes. The App is the abbreviation of English Application. The SceneApp (LiveApp), as the name implies, is a "live, interactive, and lively scene mobile app."

Second, the LED display scene application: In the LED display industry, there are many vivid examples of scene applications. Among them, the interactive display screen is common. In addition to the interactive floor tile screen in the rental field, there are also typical interactive display items of the human-machine interactive display screen and some window display advertisements.
LED display is more flexible and adaptable to the application of the scene because it can be customized according to different application places, and various solutions are introduced. Different scenarios have different requirements for products.

Third, the scene application, LED display is very promising: in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics "Beijing eight minutes", LED through the combination of intelligent robots, in the occasion of sports events show the stunning world effect, so The industry is amazed. The application of this special scene is undoubtedly inspiring to the scene of the LED display.

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