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Future high-tech indoor LED display

When the led display is black (continuous power), the PWM-SS dual energy-saving drive IC will stop working and go to sleep. For example, playing a slide with only text, the text is white, and the other areas are black. At this time, only the text display area consumes power.

When the entire large screen is in the standby state of the video screen (continuous power), the entire display screen consumes almost no power. Only the text display part consumes power

Dynamic energy-saving technology - light and dark changes. The PWM-SS dual energy-saving driver IC will automatically adjust the current according to the brightness change of the display screen. The lower the brightness of the playback screen, the less power consumption.

The PWM-SS dual energy-saving driver IC can automatically adjust the current according to the richness and saturation of the color of the display screen. For example, switching from a vivid picture to a dim picture, the display power consumption will be automatically reduced.

Compared with projection technology, LED screen not only has its unique advantages in color, highlight, energy saving, but also has flexible application characteristics. It is easy to integrate into the stage background in rich ways, and even plays an important part of the performance elements. . Not only that, the led display screen switching is more flexible, and the stage background switching can be easily completed.

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