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What determines the price of LED display?

The first part: led display screen cost

      For the led display, the most expensive part should be the screen, because the screen is the most important part of the display, generally the price
Around 80%, they are all screens. Led large screen body is composed of display module, power supply, cabinet, and power cable. Among them, the module is the most expensive.
The difference between the price of the lamp bead and the chip used is also great!

      The second part: led large screen control system:

    Led large-screen playback is generally divided into synchronous control and asynchronous control. Asynchronous control is common in single and dual color led display, synchronous control
Multi-application in the field of led full color display.

      The synchronous display system is based on the computer synchronization mode, and the display screen is connected to the computer by a network cable, and the synchronization system is composed of a sending card and a receiving card.
The external display area is below 80 square meters, usually using one sending card, 40-50 receiving cards (two boxes and one card), and the indoor led color screen is relatively systematic.
This is slightly higher because its pixel density is much higher than that of an outdoor electronic screen.

      Part III: led display accessories

      The electronic display should work normally, and it is not enough to have a led display. Also need some accessories to use, the most basic accessories are: computer
(desktop computer), air conditioner (cooling is very important), lightning arrester, power distribution cabinet, audio amplifier (optional), TV card (optional), multi-function card (can
Automatically adjust physical data such as display temperature, brightness, humidity, etc.), video processor (optional), etc.

      Part IV: led large screen steel structure, basic frame

      Led large screen general installation methods are divided into: wall-mounted, floor-standing, inlaid, column-type, roof-top type. The LED electronic screen we are seeing now,
Whether it is the large screen of the high-rise building wall or the indoor wall led electronic screen, it is fixed by steel structure.

      Part 5: Logistics, installation, etc.
      After finishing the four parts of the appeal, it can be said that the display project has been completed 99%, and the remaining one percent is naturally transport and installation.
It is. In order to protect the safety of goods, all goods are made of pearl cotton, plastic wrap, cardboard boxes, wooden racks, and the most trusted logistics company in China.

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