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Shenzhen indoor full color rental LED display SMD indoor P3.91 die-cast aluminum cabinet LED performance screen

Product description:
● indoor P3.91 full-color surface sticker three-in-one unit Board is composed of red LED chip, green LED chip and blue LED chip packaged into a pixel point and then formed into a matrix, and then fixed to the plastic kit;
● This unit board adopts LED high-density full-color screen special driver chip and input buffer chip, which can store a frame of complete display data, and can display video, image, text information and so on when connected to led display screen control system;
● drive the driver chips of red LED, Green LED and Blue LED through OE signal, which can form
16,777,216 color changes;
● This unit board can be randomly spliced in horizontal and vertical directions to form display screens of different sizes.
Unit board features:

● high refresh, high gray scale, ultra-wide band load: the refresh rate is above 1920Hz, the gray level is adjustable from 14 to 16 bit, the display image quality is clear and real, and the playing effect is bright and smooth;
● special driver chip for LED high-density full-color screen: it has the function of under-column blanking, the refresh rate of double frequency is increased by 2/4/8 times, the improvement of low gray color deviation, the improvement of low gray spot, the first line of dim improvement and other functions;
● high-definition display: high-resolution brings high-definition and exquisite display effect without flicker or graininess;
● high contrast ratio: as high as the contrast ratio of 5000:1, the high quality surface sticker 2121 black light makes the ink color of the screen more uniform, better consistency, and better restores the color of the screen;
● creative design, unique and tough modeling: it combines the concepts of bionics and design aesthetics, and creates streamline beauty and overall harmonious beauty with ingenious and ingenious ideas;
● super large viewing angle: adopt customized large chip Cinda light source, the viewing angle can reach more than 140 °, multi-directional viewing display effect is consistent, high quality, clear and delicate;
● simple installation and convenient maintenance: the bottom shell of the unit plate adopts the quick-release magnetic suction rear cover, which is easy to install.

物理点间距(Pixels Pitch)3.91mm
控制方式(Control Mode)异步控制(或同步控制)
模组尺寸(module size)250mm×250mm
模组分辨率(Resolution)64*64 Dots
箱体尺寸(Cabinet Size)500mm×500mm
驱动方式(Drive Mode)1/16S
物理密度(Pixel Density)65536Dots/㎡
刷新频率(Refresh Rate)≥1920Hz-3840Hz
计算机操作系统(System Operating Platforms)WIN7、WINXP、WIN2000等
视频信号(Data Communication)RF、S-Video、RGB、RGBHV、YUV、YC、COMPOSTION等
最佳视距(The Best View Distance)4m
控制系统采用(Control System)PCITV卡+D显卡+主控卡+光纤传输(可选)
最佳视角(The Best View Angle)水平140°/垂直130°
寿命(Work Life)10万小时
最大功率(Max Power Consumption)≤820W/㎡

杂点率(Failed Rate)<0.0001

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