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High-speed company Toll Station advertising full color screen P2.5 P3 P2.976 P3.91 P4 P4.81 P5 P6 P8

Features of led display screen of expressway toll station this product is mainly installed at the entrance and exit of toll station to remind the driver of the information status of this automatic toll lane. 100 set commands are stored in the screen body, and the traffic state of this lane is automatically selected through the password keyboard, which is flexible and changeable, simple and easy to operate. The screen body can display three colors, green display normal pass instructions, red display prohibition instructions, yellow display warning warning instructions. In addition, the product can support advertising videos and increase revenue. 1. The visual distance is long, and the content displayed on this screen can be clearly seen from 200 meters away; 3. The led display screen of expressway toll station can be remotely controlled by computer or work offline; 4. Update the built-in playlist of the indicator screen remotely through the computer network; 5. Brightness level 256 manual adjustment, or automatic brightness adjustment

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