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  • P1.667 indoor full color LED display screen
P1.667 indoor full color LED display screen

P1.667 indoor full-color led display screen, LED module size: 200*150mm, single box size: 400*300mm, lamp beads: SMD1010 model. The effect was well received by customers.
P1.667 the product has passed ISO9001_3C certification, and the specifications of HD LED full-color display screen are P0.923,P1.25,P1.56,P1.667,P1.875,P2,P2.5,P2.97,P3,P3.91,P4,P4.91,P5,P6, p8, P10 monochrome two-color, interactive floor tile screen, highlight transparent screen, special-shaped film screen, indoor and outdoor rental screen, lamp post screen, flexible soft module, curved arc LED electronic display screen production, advertising screen wholesale, exhibition hall, KTV bar, conference room, command center, video monitoring system scheme design, price quotation, installation and after-sales maintenance, etc.

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